Sensual Massage Techniques That Everyone Should Know


Giving your partner a massage is an act of kindness that can relieve built-up tension, but it can also be the ultimate foreplay if you throw in some erotic elements!

We’re sure you’ve already given your partner plenty of middle-of-the-road rubdowns, but wouldn’t it be nice to take it to the next level with some erotic techniques? Even if you don’t incorporate a happy ending into your rubdown, the intimacy benefits of a proper massage are endless.

With soothing touch, candles, and oil, a massage is about as erotic as it gets. If you want to spice up your intimacy, brushing up your erotic massage techniques is without doubt the way to go.

We admit, tapping into your inner masseuse isn’t easy, so the talented ladies at Epicure have put together some erotic massage tips for you to enjoy at home! Follow these erotic massage techniques to leave your partner begging for more.

Erotic Massage Tips

  1. Soak Muscles With Oil

Before you get into the massage motions, you’ve got to get your lover’s muscles warmed up. Applying oils and lotions relaxes the muscles and easily allows you to glide your hands across the body.

Pour into your palms and rub into your partner’s body with long, sensual strokes. Regular oil is fine, but if you want to throw in some excitement, you can use lickable massage oil when you reach those sensual areas.

  1. Make Your Partner Comfortable

Atmosphere is everything. That’s why at Epicure, we perform our massages in accommodating rooms with inviting ambiance.

Find a quiet room with scented candles, relaxing music, and fresh towels and pillows. Have your partner lie facedown on the bed, and begin the massage with their feet or hands.

The hands and feet have thousands of nerve endings that can stimulate and relax your partner before moving onto other areas. From the feet or hands, slowly move up to the calves or wrist. Be sure to keep the progression slow – don’t rush!

  1. Feather Stroke Tender Areas

You might expect to only use intense and deep massage techniques for your erotic massage, but the opposite is more enticing and arousing.

Using your fingertips, trace the contours of your lover’s tender areas, such as the inner thigh. Soft touching will arouse your partner and allow you to move from area to area more fluidly.

  1. Focus on Pleasure Zones

By pleasure zones, we don’t necessarily mean genitals; there are far more areas to target than just the obvious. The neck, ear, feet, hands, and lower back are the body’s most pleasurable points, so it only makes sense for you to target these sweet spots during your massage.

Discover the body’s hidden pleasure zones here.

Where to get the Best Erotic Massage in Cape Town? 

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Date: January 10, 2021